Abstract Mushroom Tapestry tapestry Trippy Tapestry

Abstract Mushroom Tapestry

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šŸ’€- Ā A large growing mushroom takes center stage on this highly-detailed brightly colored HD painted tapestry that is designed with a dark background. This luxuriously painted tapestry features an ombreā€™ rainbow of vibrant colors, bringing the dream-like quality of this psychedelic theme to life. Make a statement in style with any room with this colorful tapestry

Add this masterpiece into any room in your home as an attention grabbing center piece.

This is a limited edition tapestry & will not be availableĀ for long!

Orders ship in 5-10 days from the USA!Ā 


  • Ā Designed In The United States
  • Ā Large 74 X 44 Inches
  • Ā Ultra High Lush Polyester Materials
  • Ā Detailed Print and Deep Color
  • In Stock and Ready To Ship!